33-8/27 Local Rule Providing Relief Without Penalty from Bunker Filled with Casual Water

May a Committee make a Local Rule allowing a player to drop out of any bunker filled with casual water, without penalty,
contrary to Rule 25-1b(ii)?
No. The Committee may not make a Local Rule providing generally that flooded bunkers are ground under repair through the
green as such a Local Rule waives a penalty imposed by the Rules of Golf, contrary to Rule 33-8b.
However, in conditions of extreme wetness, where certain specific bunkers are completely flooded prior to the competition
commencing and there is no reasonable likelihood of the bunkers drying up during the competition, the Committee may, in
such exceptional circumstances, introduce a Local Rule providing that specific bunkers, which are known to be flooded prior
to the competition commencing, are deemed to be ground under repair and classified as through the green. Therefore relief
may be taken outside these bunkers without penalty in accordance with Rule 25-1b(i). In a competition played over more
than one round, such a Local Rule may be introduced or rescinded between rounds. (Revised)

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